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This website is the best 71. Thank you for your help!





Bibliogarphy writing is tough, as you have to look at different references. It can be quite challenging for PHD students to complete the bibliography writing. I took help from The Essay Assignment Help to complete the Bibliography writing and they did a great job.





Bibliogarphy writing is tough, as you have to look at different references. It can be quite challenging for PHD students to complete the bibliography writing. I took help from The Essay Assignment Help to complete the Bibliography writing and they did a great job.


Madison. H



This website is the best Bibliography Maker. Thank you for your help!





Bibliogarphy writing is tough, as you have to look at different references. It can be quite challenging for PHD students to complete the bibliography writing. I took help from The Essay Assignment Help to complete the Bibliography writing and they did a great job.





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Bibliography Maker

Bibliography Maker

Bibliography Maker Help Online

Be it you are writing an essay or a dissertation; many students find it tough to tackle with the bibliography that is put at the end of the document. It has a list of sources from where the content is gathered. We have a team of bibliography experts who will follow the university standards and styles to add the bibliography. There are bibliography maker tools that are used by our team to do the job of referencing a piece of cake. An essay or an assignment would be incomplete without proper referencing. When you cite the sources from where you have collected the content, it makes the paper look 100% legitimate and authentic.

The bibliography maker would provide the referencing formats if you are not aware of the referencing styles. Students face a lot of issues in writing an essay or assignment. 

They could not cite the sources properly as they are not familiar with the citation formats. They can use the bibliography maker tool. However, the tools would not support all types of referencing styles. You can seek our Bibliography Maker experts to complete the citation of the essay, thesis, or dissertation. We help you with citation styles such as Chicago, A.P.A., M.L.A., Oxford, Harvard, and Vancouver. 

We have an auto bibliography maker tool that updates the guidelines of various referencing styles from time to time. If you have to write an essay where you must use the 6th edition A.P.A. styles, you can use the bibliography maker of the 6th edition. We have the bibliography makers for all types of tools. We use the citation formats for these sources, such as blog posts, newspapers, websites, journals, conferences, magazines, social media, books, and publications. 

What is the bibliography?

It sounds simple, and so its job in the essay or dissertation. You must list down all the sources from where you gathered the material to write the essay or dissertation. The bibliography will have the sources you have referred to or quoted in the paper. Without giving credit to the author from whom you have taken the idea or the content, it becomes plagiarism. 

Harvard referencing

You can use our bibliography maker if you find it tough to cite using the Harvard referencing style. You no more have to worry about referencing the essay or any of the academic papers by using our tool. You can get in touch with our experts to solve your referencing issues. We are available round the clock to resolve your referencing problems in no time by using our bibliography maker. 

You can use this style to cite sources for blogs, court cases, books, dissertations, newspapers, government publications, software, e-book, book chapters, journals, websites, magazines, e-journals, and conferences. 

Undeniably, referencing consumes a lot of time, and you must follow the guidelines properly without which there are chances of your essay getting rejected. You can stay focused on the other academic tasks while our referencing maker will do the referencing for you. Our maker will use the advanced algorithm to give precise results. 

There are two types of Harvard referencing styles available. One is the in-text citations, and the other is the reference lists. When you use an in-text citation, you must quote the source in the middle of the document whereas reference lists would put all the sources at the document end. It has all the sources from where the content is picked. 

Example of in-text citation: Research by James (1991) stated that…

Example of a reference list: James (1991). The Future of Digital Marketing. M.B.A. Dissertation. The University of London. 

The reference list must have the following:

  • Author name

  • Year of submitting the record

  • Title of dissertation (must be in italics)

  • Degree

  • University that is awarding the degree

Submit your requirements and get instant referencing help. We, The Essay Assignment Help are the most trusted and reliable Bibliography maker help provider.

A.P.A. referencing

It is more taxing to complete the referencing of the paper than writing the essay. We have a tool that can make this complicated task simple. Our citation generator will complete this impossible task in no time. We do the referencing by following the A.P.A. guidelines. It is widely used for different academic papers such as a dissertation, research papers, business proposals, and so on. You cannot score excellent grades when there is no proper referencing done. The A.P.A. style of referencing is used to cite the sources while writing the academic paper for different subjects such as psychology, education, social sciences, and so on.

For instance, if you want to use A.P.A. style citation for a dissertation paper, it should have these elements in the order:

  • Author's name

  • Year of publication

  • Title of the dissertation 

  • Institution Name. 

Example: John. (2015). Digital Marketing Future (PhD). The University of Delhi.

Chicago style

You can use the Chicago referencing style for blogs, books, and a journal. Referencing using the Chicago style is challenging for many styles, and they seek the help of experts. We have a team that has ample experience and knowledge of different referencing styles. They consider your guidelines and university specifications thoroughly to cite the sources. The Chicago referencing style is used for various subjects such as humanities, natural science, and social science. 

Example of citing a dissertation using this style includes:

Format: Last, First name (Date on which the dissertation is going to be published). Title of the thesis or dissertation. University. Year published. 

M.L.A. referencing style

The citation is the reference to the source that is published or unpublished. The main aim of using citations in the essay is to keep plagiarism issues at bay and acknowledge the work of other writers by adding the links of their information in the academic paper. It improves the credibility and authenticity of the academic paper. The M.L.A. referencing style is used to cite the sources in different subjects such as liberal arts, literature, and so on, i.e., the subjects related to humanities. The style will let you know the publications from where the author has referred to prepare the academic paper. 

Example of M.L.A. referencing style for dissertation includes:

Last Name, First Name. Title of the Article. The date it got published. The institution awarded the degree. It is an option for you to write a description of your work. 

James, Andrew. The future of digital marketing. 1998. College of Delhi, P.H.D. 

If you want help in referencing, you can seek our advice right today. Submit your requirements with us today and avail the best online Bibliography maker help


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