A Report on Health Policy Propsal Paper

A Report on Health Policy Propsal Paper


Patient protection and ACA provide the medical insurance to people. This act has been operating since the year 2014. Though the act is widespread across the globe, there are certain difficulties that should be addressed regarding the policies and services provided by the agency. The article covers some of the problems and possible solutions of the problems regarding the ACA policies.


Patient protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is also known as Obamacare. This act was made by the United States of America and signed in the year 2010 By President Barack Obama and the act came into action in the year 2014. The expansion of the Act started in the year 2016. The primary goal of this act is to provide health insurance to people and to cover the Medicaid program over the individuals that are below the poverty level according to the law. Although the act was successful in expanding and covering the areas and providing facilities, yet there are certain points and plans of ACA on which people have commented in a negative way. For instance, the Medicaid expense recovery policy and Coordination of Medicaid with exchange coverage create problems among people when they claim the policy services("Eligibility Assessment - HealthCare.gov Glossary" 2020).

One of the main goals of Patient Protection and ACA is to provide Medicaid policy and insurance to people in their affordable range. Over the years, people have commented that the Patient Protection and ACA have not increased the money that they provide through the insurance. With increasing costs, it is difficult for people to claim medical services in limited amount provided by insurance agency. Also, it has been reported that individuals with fluctuating salary may anytime be excluded from the Medicaid policy service. The problem arising due to the insurance money can be resolved by involving more sponsors and funders apart from government. It will be beneficial if Patient Protection and ACA will become semi-government and involve of more people. The sponsors and funders can be arranged by creating public awareness camp regarding this. It will also help in generating the importance and awareness of ACA among people and will prove beneficial in expanding the Medicaid policies across the globe ("Eligibility Assessment - HealthCare.gov Glossary" 2020). The second problem regarding the application and service of Medicaid policy can be resolved by considering the state of person when he applied for the services of the policy. The people with unstable salary cycle route between various policies of ACA services and it is possible that at certain stage, they can lose their eligibility for the policy they have actually applied. This is the reason that ACA should consider the initial state of person (the when he applied for the insurance) when he wants to claim the services of the Medicaid policy (Eligibility Assessment - HealthCare.gov Glossary, 2019).


The solutions of the mentioned problem are not as much as easy as it has been written. Implementing the solutions for the mentioned problems will require people’s involvement, power and money. Also, approval of government to implement the solution is must. This will require paperwork, patience and time. The Patient Protection and ACA are owned by government. Involvement of public in the act will lead to lose overall control of government upon the policies ("Affordable Care Act (ACA) - HealthCare.gov Glossary" 2020). Turning Patient Protection and ACA from government to semi-government will affect the policies, services and protocols of the act. Public’s opinion might hamper with the work process of the act and implementing the semi- government policies might take time. It is needed that proper law is made that explains the role of public if the ACA act is to be made semi-government. Also, increasing funds and sponsors through awareness program is a tedious task and the whole process will take time. ("Public Notice: Medicaid Estate Recovery Fact Sheet | dhcf" 2015). Addressing second problem regarding ACA policies of claiming the insurance might lead to misuse of the policies and services. It might be possible the state of a person is far better compared to when he applied for the Medicaid insurance. They might misuse the services and money provided by the insurance company. It has been reported that to complete the yearly target, some of the people of agency use the insurance money from the monthly income funds and update false data. Strict measures should be taken regarding this problem. It has been stated by GAO (United States Government Accountability Office) that there has been problem in coordinating between the Medicaid applicants, their eligibility regarding the policies and the services provided by the Medicaid insurances ("Affordable Care Act (ACA) - HealthCare.gov Glossary" 2020).


To conclude the overall objective regarding the proposal, it is needed that the Patient Protection and ACA services should create awareness among the people regarding their policies. This will help generate more funds that will help people with the Medicaid insurances. Also, it should be kept in mind that people and agency should not misuse the services of Medicaid insurance. Involving people in the government act might help people get access to the policies and services comparatively easy.


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