Case Study on Procter and Gamble

Case Study on Procter and Gamble

Executive summary

This report is focused on a particular business case of "Gamble and Procter", and it has several prospects that have properly discussed. Moreover, Train fund management has shown the business scenario where they have invested huge capital for the development purpose. This report also highlighted International consumer products where they have successfully delivered their manufactured items by utilizing several strategies. Apart from that, this assessment has highlighted that P&G given their full contribution to transform the business scenario with effective strategies. Moreover, Gamble & Procter has made the alliance with P&G for boosting and developing the business scenario in the stock market. Afterwards, P&G have established the business standards which help to increase the revenue past few years. Besides, Gambling has focused on several brands for improvement under the collaboration with P&G. Both companies have provided the opportunity towards employees and managers for showing their capability and develop the business positively. However, Lafley's leadership have played the major role to enhance motivation and confidence among all employees. This assessment also discussed strategic management problems and analyzed them properly. According to the case study, this assessment also explained three vital lessons which reflect strategic management. Besides, this report has also mentioned its crucial practices in terms of strategic management. Furthermore, this report has also demonstrated several analyses like Porters Five forces, Pestle and Swot tests which are critically imperative for business improvement. Besides this report also developed financial analysis and critically addressed business recognition tools precisely. Moreover, this report has also recommended several aspects which have developed business techniques. Besides, the respective assessment also provided implementation and execution strategy, which helped to enhance the business. Therefore, P&G firm has been a phenomenon who identify the issues and boost the business by adopting numerous approaches and policy. Also, employees have understood those issues and rectified them properly.

Part 1:

Strategic business management

After analysis of the case study, the strategic management term is important where Gamble & Procter and P&G organizations have collaborated their targets and develop the business scenario by targeting premium customers. Moreover, this case study is followed by a global economy alongside competition from International competitors and P&G had developed their status in America. This management helps to raise the business by introducing Lafley's leadership. However, Gambling has lost its momentum while they face immense loss in business and lost customers accordingly.

Critical issues in business

There are three major business issues of Glamping, and it is revenant to strategic business management

Poor communication networks

In the initial stage, Glamping has faced various consequences in terms of losing stock price. Therefore, this company hasn't balance communication worldwide, which decreases conflicts and disruption.

Failure to properly incorporate business tools
This business case has shown the losing momentum of gambling firm where the loss the revenue and declined the reputation at the market. Moreover, they were still fighting for bringing status and show their efficiency in the market (Baesens et al., 2016).

Different priorities of employees

In this company, this problem has raised different employees, and stakeholders are having different kind of mind it is. Therefore it has properly and critically influenced business standard, which leads consumer dissatisfaction.
-These drawbacks require to analyze, and it ensures that employees and stakeholders should not repeat such issues again in future. Moreover, they will provide the best service towards the customer, which develops the revenue.

Key lessons in the case
By reviewing this case study, three major lessons are mentioned like

Properly balance the financial report of P&G and Glamping
This case study has understood all Employees with stakeholders that, Gamble and Procter should concentrate on making the financial statement of individual year report

Bringing the momentum
However, this company has faced several problems while they initiated business. Besides, they have performed several factors for improvement (Erdiaw-Kwasie & Acheampong, 2018).

Bringing a reputation with positive ethics
After introducing the PNG firm, Gambling company has done several kinds of stuff and introduced multiple tactics to bring the previous status and lead in the market.
- This lesson is important for Gambling company to develop employee’s confidence, motivation. This report has helped management to observe the sales and marketing level and business issues precisely.

Major and effective business practices
Three key practices are important which develops business strategy

Engage workers
After introducing P&G, they have implemented effective training towards Gambling companies which is crucial.

Reward effort
The company have started a reward system which develops job satisfaction among employees.

Produce cultural cohesiveness
The organization and management should introduce several tools which turn out to become positive precisely (Tang et al., 2018).
- These practices are important where employees will understand their role, and they will give their best effort to enhance the business reputation in the market.

Part 2:
P&G organization analysis (Porter's five forces and Pestle tests)

Based on the case study, P&G has determined two important investigations for BusinessDevelopment such as

Porter's five forces

Threats of entrants
P&G organization should understand this factor and develop its products accordingly. They need to aware of competitors who can easily influence their business.

Negotiation authority of suppliers
Similarly, customers of P&G should have the power towards the company where they can easily negotiate about products (Anastasiu, Gavri? & Maier, 2020).

Bargaining authority of customers
The suppliers of PNG have the full power to deal with the company regarding any product and sell them properly.

Threat regarding substitutes
This company should implement protection from outside threat. 

The rivalry between existing competitors
They should introduce several business tools which can easily decline competitor’s business in the market based on the case study.

Pestle analysis
Political factors

  • This factor is important where the government is critically involved.
  • Moreover, this company should follow government policy which helps them to continue their business.
  • Besides, they should also follow foreign trade regulation, labor law, tax policy etc. 
  • Mandatory employee benefit.

Economy factors

  • P&G company is following on several factors which develop business-like interest rates.
  • It also helps in economic growth, exchange rates, inflation etc. (Song, Sun & Jin, 2017).
  • Infrastructure quality in personal products.

Social factors

  • This factor is dealing with several tools like age distribution, health consciousness, population.
  • It helps to growth alongside career attitudes.
  • Demographic and skill level of population

Technological factors

  • PNG has introduced several technological aspects like producing services and goods,distributing services and goods etc.
  • Rate of technological diffusion.
  • Impact on value chain structure

Environmental factors

  • This factor is dependent on increasing scarcity, pollution targets, raw materials which sustained business.
  • Laws regulating environmental pollution.
  • Support of renewable energy

Legal factors

  • It is also based on multiple factors such as equal opportunities, safety and healthy, advertising standards, consumers laws and rights as many more.
  • This analysis is crucial for PNG organization, and this examination can easily identify all the factors which help to enhance business in upcoming days.
  • Health and safety law

Business Swot examination

SWOT analysis is important for PNG organization, and it is described below 


  • P&G organization should identify employees’ strength and utilize them at the right moment.
  • Economies of sale
  • Strong consumer good brands 


  • To find employees, weaknesses are circulation which helps to reduce errors and enhances workflow.
  • Limited online presence
  • Limited degree of business 


  • The management of P&G should offer opportunities for all employees, and they can show their efficient towards business (Yu, Zhang & Wang, 2018).
  • Business diversification to reduce risk
  • Innovative products for competitiveness


  • This company must face identity business threats by adopting several tactics and diminish them accurately.
  • This investigation can assist in developing their business and connecting more consumers regularly.
  • Trade barriers in some countries 

Identification and evaluation of alternative problems
Due to various factors, P&G couldn't manage financial prospects which reduces revenue for certain periods. Three important alternative problems are discussed below

Various reasons are implementing in P&G organization which develops issues like improper communication, price changes etc.

Failure to globalization
Lack of several steps and improper network channels can raise failure to explore in the globe. Therefore P&G cannot extend their business in some points.

Failure to balance supply chain
Lack of multiple factors can raise the unaccepted supply chain, which directly affects the company. Therefore, customers are not willing to purchase any product from the company.
This examination is necessary to understand their issues and rectified them as quickly aspossible.

Recommended actions
Three major actions need P&G for improving business-like

Balance financial score
They should balance the score by improving several skills and develop revenue.

High-impact marketing
They should develop marketing by recognizing customers requirements (Agarwal et al.,2020).

Motivate staffs
Effective leaders can take responsibility to develop motivation and inspiration.
-Such tools are crucial to turn the game of P&G company.

Execution and Implementation plan
P&G organization uses several tactics like
The plan should be effective and productive
Set proper targets (Bonagiri et al., 2017).
Time allocation.

After understanding the discussion, it is concluded that the P&G organization takes the duty for identifying all factors and rectified them accordingly. The main reason for this analysis to improving product quality and satisfied customers immensely across the world.

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