Case Writing Task on Module 1 SLP

Case Writing Task on Module 1 SLP

I. Introduction

Education is like a passport to the future. It is the most powerful tool known to mankind in today’s world. The world has wielded this tool to its greatest advantages for decades and is still wielding for a better tomorrow. Today education is the most important aspect of an individual’s life. Given the diversity in ethnicities, there are vast numbers of people coming from different parts of the world to be educated and gain knowledge. However, due to the diversities in culture, language, topography, and demography, various factors impact a student’s life which will be highlighted in this essay.

II. Discussion

A study of the education system as reflected three stark observations which are listed as below: 

The first step towards a good education of a child begins from his or her home. It is a place whereby the initial development of the child takes place. A child’s thought process, behavior, and character is a reflection of what he or she has learned and gone through at home. The learning process at home is rapid and continuous. Starting from baking cookies whereby the child learns measurements, to getting grounded for making mistakes, the child continuously is learning. The behavior of children is one of the main factors that define the environment of an educational institution. From “learning begins at home”, it was seen that schools have designed a program whereby teachers associate and communicate with the child’s parents through home visits. This helps to understand the home environment, also various aids were provided like stitching uniforms and many more. This ensures the confidence of the parents on the educational institution and their child’s education.
Secondly, the inequality in the education system is quite disturbing. It hampers the mental growth of the child and can be very disturbing. It is quite prevalent in the United States. Racism is quite a common issue in American schools and the African-American students are their common prey. The importance of equality when it comes to education should be followed in all educational institutions. Another prevailing issue affecting the education system is the socio - economic inequality in the region. From “an education inequality” a stark example highlighting the issue. ‘A man and black’: the bold remark by the African-American kid is quite heartbreaking. This statement came after he got bullied by his team members who said that he spoke like a ‘white’ boy. This discrimination causes an identity crisis and hampers their spirits to immeasurable terms.
Lastly, the incorporation of discipline in the life of a student enhances it. Discipline is one of the main components of education. It improves the quality of knowledge gained. It acts as a catalyst for the growth of the child. A student should know how to balance his routine to achieve the best outcomes. This unique collaboration of discipline and education can be seen in the military schools. From ‘A military school’ the information gathered was that the unity of the students was glorious even though it was characterized by diverse ethnicities. The go-to-college rate is 99% which is remarkably high. The students had a higher GPA than ordinary school goers. Moreover, they had a high regard for their country.
Therefore it can easily be derived that education is not just books, calculators and smart-boards. It is a whole new definition of a dynamic process that involves the learning or acquisition of skills, knowledge, beliefs, values, and habits. It is a lifelong process and defines a child’s development. However, various factors impact student learning which can be explained as follows:
Parenting affects a child’s learning process to a great extent. Parents who are too strict and demanding or too lenient, hamper the student learning process. The attitude of parents affects the child in great measures. Therefore the right amount of involvement of parents and motivation must ensure the child is growing and learning. The environment prevalent at the house of a student is also a deciding factor of a student’s educational process. A sick family member, abusive parenting, missing members, mental abuse, shocks and many more of these problems can put the students in difficult situations and hamper
the home environment. A child growing in this environment is bound to be distracted and suffering from problems like anxiety, depression and many more. In such cases, it becomes difficult for the child to learn and grow.
Socio-economic differences are also one of the important factors affecting a child’s learning. Children coming from different economic backgrounds often are involved in bullying. The children coming from economically backward areas or who have a single parent fall prey to the economically stronger ones. This hampers the child’s morale and develops an aversion towards school.
Racism is one of the most crucial issues that negatively affect a student’s learning process. The remark of the young African-American kid: ‘A man and black’ from “an education inequality” is an example enough to explain the seriousness of the situation. Millions of students are impacted by racism. The outcomes are as gruesome as committing suicide. Thus discrimination based on color and race can have a deadly impact on a child’s life. The damages are permanent. Although technology inside the classroom is seen as a major distraction, however, the right usage of technology can accelerate the process of student learning. Technology brings in innovative teaching techniques and broadens the horizon of learning. Information remains at the fingertips enhancing student’s capacity to learn new things. Often classes become boring and a class where a teacher has failed to hold the attention is a total havoc. Therefore technology helps to encourage student engagement and involvement. Audio-visual learning makes the topic easy and interesting.

III. Conclusion

Thus, the two-part essay effectively highlights three important observations on today’s education incorporating meaningful examples. Most importantly it lists down the major factors that affect and enhance student learning. Thus, a student can learn at his or her best when the environment he or she is in is free from all barriers relating to race, religion, discrimination and has considerable incorporation of enhancements like technologically advanced benefits.