Nursing Essay Writing - Communication Barriers

Nursing Essay Writing - Communication Barriers

It was a long day for me and I was exhausted as I was working more than 20 hours that day. I was not prepared for such an incident at that time but I had no choice other than opting for quarrelling with the patient’s family. Corey is a 39 years old woman and was admitted in our health care centre for type 2 diabetes. Corey’s family was somehow came into the hospital and started debating with the receptionist regarding their visiting hours. I was in Corey’s room and just gave her insulin of high dose. Corey needed to relax at least for one hour after the dose but her family forcibly came in without permission. I suggested them politely to leave but they started shouting. I was in a bad mood and such exhausted that I could not resist my participation in the quarrel. It was a miscommunication from our end as well as we informed wrong timing somehow to the patient’s family.

The above instance suggests that there are lot of communication barriers in a health care centre and in case of nurse leaders, the situation become worse. Effective communication practice includes patience, clear mind and less diversity in different parameters.

In some cases, nurses seem to get involved in communication problems due to cultural diversity, training quality and senior junior problems (Hersh, Salzman & Snyderman, 2015). While a communication barrier is constituted, several parameters can impact as influencing factors such as misunderstanding, personal issues and professional discriminations. There are people working in a health care centre for more than 10 years but get less salaries than people who might have joined six months ago. This type of case is known as effective communication barriers among the colleagues. The experienced one gets to hate the new comer although he or she is getting more salary for their effective performance.

Appraisals and promotions are other issues that might rise as communication barriers. As an instance, an individual is working with her friend in a health care centre for more than 5 years together but suddenly on a new day, the friend gets promoted while the individual stays behind. This can be stated as an instance of initiation of communication barriers (Schwester, 2009).

Some other reasons include dissimilarity in decision-making. Ethical considerations are made while decision-making practices in a health care centre. In case of ethical dilemmas, there are nursing leaders, who gets involved in communication problems.

As solutions, it can be recommended that team-work and active participation in working environment can reduce such communication barriers (Schwester, 2009). If the members can work together in such an environment, where there are zero cultural diversity and more innovation in practices, it would increase active communication with each other and make a comfortable environment.


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