Essay On Personal And Professional Development

In this blog a detail is to be conducted in the self-development and personal development methods and strategies that an individual can conduct in order to improve his or her skills and knowledge over the period. The research will highlight the effective ways and structures through which the individual can develop his or her personality, skill set, productivity and also how he or she can influence them to do the same are tube identified and evaluated in the research.

A dedicated reflective journal based on the personal development plan is also provided in the research identifying the knowledge and experience gathered from the personal development operations. Hence the research will be conducted on various aspects related with personal development and also how it enhances individual development over the period are also to be provided adequately for better understanding and applicability.  


Task 1 Individual presentation 
LO1: Demonstrate a critical understanding of the concepts of reflective learning and personal development

The section will demonstrate a complete understanding and discussion on the reflective learning and personal development methods and concepts that every individual needs to have. This essential to have proper knowledge and understanding of what steps and methods and provisions are required to adequately develop personal skills and characteristic development over the period. The proper knowledge of reflective practices are required for the persons to start their personal development operations, in this context it is also the added that the reflective practice is considered as the method of assessing own thoughts and activities in order to gain personal learning and development. Most of the people use them to envelope their skills and personal characteristics, however it can also be used to influence others to increase their personal characteristics and skill for the period. In this context it should be added that the one of the most followed reflective practices and concepts is the Gibbs reflective cycle 

According to the reflective cycle it is observed that it has 6 stages which have individual description for reflective practices and its benefits.
1.    Description  - At first of the reflective the person needs to assess what happened in order to analyse and conclude in later part. The person needs to know what happened, where did it happen and why were there in that tie in brief to further analyse it (Sekarwinahyu, 2018). 
2.    Feelings  - The person then needs to assess the feelings that occurred before the situation and what the person felt during the situation also needs to be assessed. 
3.    Evaluation - The third needs evaluation of the situation and the person needs to identify the positive or negative aspects of the situation for further analysis. 
4.    Analysis - Analysis of the evaluated aspects are to be done by the person in order to conclude a result or learning from the situation  
5.    Conclusion  - The person then needs to analyse the results to conclude if it could have been changed if more efforts and different involvements have been incurred during the period (Li, 2020). 
6.    Action pan  - A detailed action plan must be prepared by the person if such a situation arises again in the future years. Hence the individual can handle it effectively and may have better results from the previous period. 


LO2: Appraise the relevance of personal development to the role of a manager, for one's own and others' development

The section will demonstrate the importance and role of the leaders and managers in evaluating suitable personal development operations and guidance. They influence others to adequately develop themselves with pepper self-development practices and have in order knowledge of reflection practices. The Leaders and managers hold an important river in providing adequate knowledge and information along with guidance to individuals in enhancing personal characteristics and skill sets. Thee leaders and managers often provide effective information and guidance to the individual from their personal experiences and also they provide effective information from the Gibbs reflective cycle. As the cycle suggests that there are 6 steps that lead to accurate self-learning the leaders and managers often guide the individual in assessing all the steps accurately. This leads to their sustained self-development and characteristic improvement for the period (Markkanen, 2020). 

LO3: Manage one's own development effectively and apply newly acquired skills

Managing problems and situations over the period leads to individual development over the period. And thus it is important for the individual to identify and assess the development adequately for the period to effectively assess further enhancements and modifications in the future to deal with different situations and get better results. In this context it is to be added that the individual skill sets are also increased through different situation handling.  

LO4: Monitor one's own and others' performance through giving and receiving feedback

During the development of individual skills and self-development practices it is so important to communicate with others to influence them in doing the same and also to exchange feedback during a development programme in order to gain better information and knowledge of what implications can be done for better results. 

LO5: Assess development needs and identify resources and opportunities to address them

There are multiple requirements that are essential for the suitable conduction of the self-development activities and also for further improvements. The individual needs to have a brief idea and knowledge regarding his own strengths and weaknesses in order to create a suitable self-development programme and activities. The weaknesses must be addressed and revised with extra efforts and deductions with accurate strategies and steps. For this the individual needs an accurate action plan, activity and time schedule and observation period. Withe hell of these the individual is likely to get effective enhancement in his or her personal development operations (Emery, 2017). 

LO6: Develop your own approach to reflective learning and continuing professional development

According to the above discussion I have observed that development of own characteristics and assessment self-development operations are to be done through several steps and approaches. I have observed the approaches that may suit my style of self-development and I have observed that Gibbs reflective cycle is the best suited for me to effectively develop my skills and knowledge regarding the important aspects and factors that I need to assess for effectively enhancing my personal skills, knowledge and characteristics during the year. Hence i need to assess my area of strengths and weaknesses along with effective knowledge on the implications of Gibbs reflective cycle (Zaghloul, 2018). 



Task 2 Reflective Journal 

According to the conducted research I have observed that the inclusion of personal development and self-assessment operations are quite beneficial for the individuals in the modern scenario. Assessing self-development and personal skills are essential for any person to adequately monitor their progress and self-development over the years. Hence developing adequate programmes and schedules regarding the personal development, and self-assessments are required for any individual to develop personal characteristics and skill sets. From the above discussion I have observed that with the evaluation of adequate personal development operations I can enhance my characteristics, skills sets, and knowledge and situation management capacity effectively over the period. Handling various situations through different methods along with observing personal efforts towards the situation management can lead to sustained information and knowledge regarding personal strengths and weaknesses. And thus I have developed the knowledge of interacting with others to share my experience and to gain feedback to enhance my knowledge and handling capacities. Hence I will discuss the important measures that should be taken to enhance personal management skills and knowledge to handle various situations in personal life and also in business management perspectives. There are various aspects and factors that are essential for me to highlight in this section in order to have essential development and skill management to maintain various effective measures for management operations. I have identified these measures so that I can develop my knowledge, management skills, employability, and study skills over the period and also to be proactive and productive in my daily life operations and management. In this context I should also add that the more I develop my skills and knowledge and managerial capacities the more I can be productive and beneficial towards the organisation rearing the operations management. These measures are as follows: 

  • Communication skills: verbal and written - One of the most important and primary skills that i need to have is the communication skills both in written and verbal type. Without effective communications and discussion the developer of skills and operations are not effective. Also the management operations are also done through effective communication thus I must have effective knowledge and skills of verbal and written communication to improve my managerial and study skills. Hence it is likewise to be expressed that the incorporation of successful communication techniques and methods frequently prompts better data deliverance, data transfer, and imparting fundamental data with respect to extending improvement and collaboration with the board. The variances and changes in the economic conditions, necessity of arrangements in authoritative exercises should be successfully conveyed between the offices and individuals so as to sufficiently effectively work their operational tasks and marketing exercises. Henceforth I summed up that communication is one of the fundamental aspects of personal skills that should be upgraded and modified for keeping up appropriate authoritative activities throughout the years.
  • Research skills - Researching skills are also essential for me to adequately develop my managerial skills and study skills of various situations and tasks so that I can adequately operate through the organisational operations and marketing operations. Research skills are also essential for the firm and also for me as this will be essential in identifying various marketing situations and fluctuations and with market preferences and trends. With the help of adequate research skills I can develop adequate strategies and plans through observing the market changes and customer preferences. Hence the managerial operations and my productivity towards the firm will generally increase over the periods. With the inclusion of sufficient research and strategies the firm and supervisory crew can create satisfactory practical strategies and additionally they can create temporary strategies against economic vacillations, for example, inflations, currency valuation changes and other economic activities. These variances are for the most part calculative premise and the organizations need to have satisfactory valuation methods and expectation of what changes and vacillations would happen sooner rather than later. Thus the range of abilities of having satisfactory research skills and valuations are basic in the modern market to underwrite and stream with the patterns and market changes consistently. With The help of adequate research skills and valuations I can develop preventive provision and methods through analysing market trends, forecasted changes and their assumptions.     
  • The use of ICTs - ICT is the short form of information and communication technology that is the main base of a firm’s marketing and organisational operations over the years. In this context it is to be added that with the inclusion of adequate ICT measures the firm can provide effective information and data towards its departments allowing them to operate according to the situation and providing effective methods to operate in fluctuating markets. Information and communication technology is often beneficial in conducting advanced operations, technological based functions and maintaining adequate productive operations within the firm.in this context it is also to be added the more advanced the ICT implications are the more productive the firm and individual will become. I have seen that different associations in the cutting edge marketer are going for the execution of cutting edge and created communication tools and strategies that the organizations would actualize to accomplish their created tasks in the market. In this setting it is likewise to be expressed that the incorporation of powerful communication tools and strategies frequently prompts better information delivering, data transfer, and communicating fundamental data with respect to extending improvement and cooperation the board. Consequently improved estimates towards the upgraded ICT suggestions through better devices and gadgets are required to be finished by the firm. 
  • Teamwork - Teamwork is one of the most effective to build efficient working capacities, communication build-up, understanding between members and organisational productivity. In this context it is also to be added that with the inclusion of effective teamwork in any organisational tasks and deposits along with individual operations are done effectively and efficiently. The results that are achieved through teamwork are often satisfying and provide better reliability and task completion. In this context it should be noted that developing teamwork skills are essential for any individual who is assigned with managerial operation and other business related activities. I have observed that having teamwork skills and flexibility have allowed me to efficiently achieve results accurately. The firm needs to have a satisfactory working ability to frame a specific number of teams which can perform committed assignments, as the firm needs to have sufficient operational limits with respect to the year that can give them an increased coordination and adaptability in finishing each task and activities. Working with others additionally prompts an expanded number of organizers alongside customer and client check. This is for the most part in light of the fact that the customers and clients regularly expect friendly behaviour and versatile working methods that will satisfy their desires and will understand their necessities. This improves the adequacy and operational abilities of the association over the period. Thus i can provide better and effective customer and client base towards the organisation if the managerial operations are equally supported by adequate teamwork development and understanding of tasks, 
  • Time and self-management - Time and self-management is the absolute step that leads an individual towards better productivity, skill development, characteristics development and handling various tasks for the period. Tie and self-management increases the addiction, punctuality and discipline within an individual that are essential in gaining success and better results in any field. Thus i need to have time management knowledge and self-management skills so that i can deliver an effective amount of the productivity and punctuality towards the tasks and managerial operations. 
  • Problem-solving skills - Problem solving leads to efficient and effective organisational operations along with better teamwork and working environment over the periods. With the help of effective problem solving abilities I can deliver effective services and coordination towards the customer requirements, internal conflicts, team management, task completion and having better financial and marketing operations. 

According to the discussion i can state the inclusion of these measurements and aspects. I can enhance my managerial skills, employability and study skills effectively so that my productivity and performance also increases along with my personal traits and capabilities over the years. 



According to the conducted research it is observed that the individual skills and knowledge is one of the major factors that determine the managerial operations, personal development, and organisational operations. Hence research also provided essential measurements and factors that an individual must be aware of and have understanding so that they can perform in any situation providing better results and productivity. 


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