Evaluating Your Performance In Any Coursework

Throughout the course which I have performed so far; I learned a lot from the different activities of the course. The activities helped me a lot in gathering research and aligning them to develop better materials. The activities enhance my skills and improved my knowledge as well. I would rate my Research and Library Experience to 3/5. This is because I searched from the library but it was difficult to get the job done in the library easily. There were a lot of difficulties there due to which I rate it low. However, I did learn a lot from this.

On the other hand, one of improved skills which have now become much better than the things in the past is Browsing on the Internet. I get to know that internet research and browsing is an art in which one would be able to get things easily if there would be right keywords against each of the search to get the accurate result. I found some drills to do that and therefore I get 4/5 in this. My Perceive Research Skills went through an improvement as well. I learn to understand the topics more easily and found accurate data related to it as well. 4/5 based on my perception show that how much Improvement I feel in me related to the concept over the period of time.

Obtaining Information is 3/5 because there are several difficult topics in which I failed to get the information right and on time. Some took a lot of research in finding data. Several times, I gathered the data which went wrong and therefore this made me low in finding the right information and I rate this as low in my evaluation. Evaluating Information and Plagiarism Understanding were 4/5 and 5/5 because the post aspect were interlinked with each other. I learned how to interoperate and understand the material available and how they can be changed in own wording so that they would just communicate the idea of the initial source but not a whole copied document. The other aspect of plagiarism and taking help from other through unfear means were also which I learned.