Evidential Sports Ethics

Evidential Sports Ethics

Gender policies have affected many careers till date. Based on different researches it can be stated that female athletes with excessive testosterone ejection has faced career issues for biased policy making of CAS. While the historical records are forecasted, it became evident that there were prior victims of the same from very long time.

In the year of 1985, a female swimmer, who was only twenty one years old was the initial victim of such difficult decision of CAS. In 1985, Kristen Wengler visited Kobe in Japan for the World University Games participation. Kristen as an athlete, had to undergo several medical judgements conducted by the medical teams in Japan. While the Japanese medical organizers had to undertake examination check up for the participants for their gender verification test, the test included parameters like X and Y chromatin in the bodies of participants. Many of the participants were unsure of undergoing the test as there were multiple results of false positives. Kristen on the other hand fell victim for the same. After the test results were declared Kristen was stated that she had a positive result in Y chromatin, which creates issues regarding their career choices as female athletes.

It was the first misjudgement by the Japanese medical authorities that made such victimized situation for Kristen. The young swimmer was stunned as she was returned to the medical check-up department for her Y chromatin positivity. It was a hard option for the swimmer and it also became an unethical conduct, while Kristen’s parents, who were working on the medical department for the long time organized a more sophisticated test procedures for their child and it provided the result that Japanese medical organizers were false at their test operations. It was proved that the abnormality that was uncovered in Japan was only presence of a protein in her body that resembles a Y chromosome. While an interview was conducted for Kristen, she was really worried about the females athletes fighting for their careers but lack of supports by the authorities are making the suffers for the rest of their lives. In her statement, she stated that, ‘She would probably go home, never find out about the mistake, and feel inadequate for the rest of her life,’ It was clear after the research with this incident that most of the ideas regarding gender and capabilities of the athletes are drawn based on their female inferiority (Pieper, 2011).

Such evaluation includes many more historical examples such as, Spanish hurdler María José Martínez Patiño. A great example that can draw out the misconceptions of CAS decisions and the ethical dilemmas that destroyed many lives of the similar career opportunists is, although María was approved in the test in her previous championship matches that was held in Helsinki, Finland, the World Track and Field Championships. She was approved for her presence in those matches but while in Japan, she became a victim of the same. While she was made undergo the test in Japan, it provided a false positive result. The reason behind the test was only that she forgot her fem card in Japan in 1983. María did not have the similar medical and family backup as Kristen and she had no support from the doctors. While in the test, she failed, she had to leave from the championship unwillingly. After losing the famous career opportunity, she was about to get, she felt like ‘Raped’, she also stated that while she was victimized for no reason, it was like an international violation of ethics and playing with individual careers. After a long time a Finnish professor decided to help María, with the evidence that proves that there are no assurance on the Olympic tests.

It was only one chapter that, proved the issues within organizing parties. There are also several more cases, that prove the inevitability of the medical organizations of Olympics. If the historical facts are brought out to the public it will also prove that there was no such sports moral integrity since a long time in sports history. The affiliated authorities, who have the responsibilities of helping opportunities in the sports field to make their careers, it brought some serius dilemmas for the participants (John, 2011). The drug related death of Knud Jensen in the year of 1960, is another slap on the face of (IOC), International Olympic Committee.

The historical evidences render to the fact that pre historical dilemmas starting from the year of 1890 and more previously, the anti doping methodology was an obstacle for the athletes regarding their career. In the year of 1938, IOC issued several rulings on the athletes of sportsperson proven to be doped would be entirely banned from their further career options and banned from the World Track and Field Championship permanently. It did not only delivered a dynamic review on unclear ideologies of anti doping but also put a cover on the faces of medical authorities of Olympic tests.

Recently based on a news, that was published regarding the Indian Sprinter Dutee Chand due to her female inferiority, she had to face a difficult career for the similar problem. Although, in the past few years Dutee had to face issues in her opportunities, the recent rules of IAAF can help her become relieved of her issues (News, 2019). According to the new rules of International Association of Athletics Federations, the female candidates participates in more than 400 meters of running distance, will have to reduce their testosterone ejection in order to participate in future matches. It brutally affects the career opportunities of Caster Semenya, the African Champion (Ingle, 2019). However, in case of Dutee, she only participates as the 100 m and 200 m runner. So, the new rules of CAS that falls under the section of Difference of Sexual Development (DSD) will not be effective for Dutee Chand in order to pursue her career further.