Explain Roles and Responsibilities of an Early Childhood or After-School Program Leader

Explain Roles and Responsibilities of an Early Childhood or After-School Program Leader

Childhood is considered one of the most important phases in the life of an individual. It sets forth the future prospects on an individual. The system for the early childhood system includes various subsystems in the form of managing, securing and management procedures, equipments, and the personal system development. There has to be contribution on the part of every system that would help in building a framework of the individual. There has to be set curriculum that would help in building the form for quality management. There has to be the system of internal and external management that would help in interfacing with the early childhood programme. 

An important perspective of the management would be to develop the overall system in emphasizing towards understanding the personal and the professional task. The process seems to be challenging in nature. There has to be sense of trust and responsibility among all the hierarchy.

One of the core and the most crucial role is Administrative role which includes administering the programme. It includes assignment of the roles to different departments based on the skill, competence, knowledge and attitude. It is one of the productive roles in implementing on the part of the personnel employed. 

There has to be the framework of roles that should be inculcated that includes writing of proposals and the funds for the operation of the activities in the childhood programme. It also includes location and the maintenance of the suitable physical facilities for the programme at the centre (Davis, Katie, and Sean Fullerton 2016). There has to be the allocation of the equipments and the materials for the purpose at the programming centre. There has to be the element of staff allocation thereby leading to the insights of a overall all round project to be precise. There has to be allocation of the coach for the entertainment of the task. Development with regard to the knowledge levels and the skills of the personnel employed. There has to be mobility of performance in this regard. Evaluation of the programme should be undertaken along with the effective communication among the staff members, conferences and the informal communication in the programme.

There has to be the organized sector of functioning that would help in the execution of the task. Moreover, there has to be the curriculum leader that would initiate the proceedings. The leader has to lead from the front in this regard (Kuperminc, Gabriel 2018). Every aspect related to the same should be undertaken under strict supervision thereby leading to the aspect of quality management. Moreover there has to be delegation of authority among the personnel to be precise. It is important on the part of the authorities to communicate with the children and provide them with the knowledge and the spirit of confidence that would help in nurturing themselves for the future. These itself sets the tempo for the productive management to be precise. The most important role is towards the parents and the teachers in initiating the proceedings in the systematic manner. Responsibility should be undertaken in the most comprehensive manner.\

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