Report On Factors That Influence Your Behavior in The Process Of Different Goods or Services

Report On Factors That Influence Your Behavior in The Process Of Different Goods or Services


In this growing economy, education has become a source of earning for many. Amidst such resistances in education, there are so many more factors that influence the educational services in my case.

Techniques used for teaching

For a student to grasp the knowledge precisely, the teaching technique needs to be unique and interesting as well. The teaching technique impacts my learning a lot. Students gain their motivation to study if the educators use different interactive teaching methods. This encourages the student to stick their interest in the classroom without getting bored. As for example, if a teacher enters the classroom and starts delivering the lecture abruptly without any interaction, the students lose their interest. Another important aspect that would affect my education is the teacher’s behavior and personality. A teacher is never expected to be biased or show preference to any particular student. This will gradually demotivate the other students in the classroom.

Relationship Among Peers

Relationship among peers also affects the education in a certain manner. Peers always tend to influence more as children grow up. Sometimes students feel less secure if they are having some complications with their peers. Hence, students are always worried about their social status in front of their peers. This creates anxiety and thus degrades the motivation in education. But sometimes, peers are helpful against bullying in school.

Learning environment

The learning environment also controls the learning process. Learning environment indicates the rules and regulations which predicts the overall climate of the educational institution. A positive environment always makes a student feel secure inside the campus and lets them maintain healthy social connections with everybody. A learning environment that is too serious affects the students with stress and anxiety which affects their learning. Adding some fun makes the learning process interactive as well as improves the motivation within the students. The learning environment also includes the school supplies, the textbooks, the classroom, and even the equipment. Without adequate conditions, it is not possible for a teacher to produce desired results. It becomes very hectic for a teacher to provide good teaching without adequate resources and a preferable classroom. It would be unfair to deny the fact that the quality of teaching materials plays an important factor in the learning process.

Learning Methodology

This is yet another factor that impacts the learning. Using an incorrect method of study affects the process of learning. If a teacher is teaching too fast and never checks the pupil whether he or she is performing well, the student tends to build a deficiency in the subject. For example, for a student to master multiplication, he or she first needs to learn the addition properly. However, a lack of knowledge in addition contributes towards the deficiency in performing multiplication. Similarly, failure in deriving an equation might be a result of weakness in mathematics. Sometimes, due to faulty learning methods, a student tends to learn inefficient ways to proceed with a problem and commits mistakes. There are many other problems in the learning methodology which affects the learning processes.