Report on Internet During Pandemic

Report on Internet During Pandemic

The resiliency of the Internet during this pandemic

There have been an increase in the contingency plans which are being implemented by the organizations, schools, universities and businesses all around the globe in order to encourage work from home as well as distance learning due to the pandemic. The rapid growth of the usage of tools like e-learning, video conferencing and browsing the internet is adding extra loaf and pressure on the platforms and application that are based on Internet by generating extra traffic.

If there is a gradual growth over a period of time, the core infrastructure providers of internet can easily absorb the increasing demand and traffic. There's sufficient extra space for bandwidth capacity and storage available in the cloud infrastructure for the the users to enable the inclusion of tools like e-learning, video conferencing, etc. in order to scale the system as required. Companies such as Google, Apple, Netflix, etc. deploys the infrastructure of content delivery in different last-mile networks to keep traffic local.

In order to keep the traffic local, the IXPs or the Internet Exchange Points can give the local providers of network a place in odrer to connect and exchange their traffic with each other.

Though, there are a few places where failure can occur, for instance the tools may themselves fail to work if there is no additional space for bandwidth capacity and storage available in order to handle the increasing demand and traffic.

For example, this type of internet failure has recently been seen in China, where the servers that were supporting Tencent, an online gaming application, Xuexitong, an application used for e-learning, WeChat Work and DingTalk application that are used for offices for video conferencing crashed reportedly all together because of the increase in demand and traffic.

Therefore, the measurement community of internet is focusing and highlighting the area of tracing the effects of increase of remote work on the internet to recognize the challenges that are being emerged due to the traffic and help find a solution.


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