Report on Lesson Plan With Accommodations and Modifications

Report on Lesson Plan With Accommodations and Modifications

Signature Assignment: Lesson Plan With Accommodations and Modifications

Central Focus on Lesson

If I’m a maths teacher and have to deliver the 45 minutes lecture to the students along-with the disabled students. The content which the teacher should teach the students should be in the form of diagrams and other real –life examples. Through the real –life examples of teaching the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division by pencils, match-sticks or other things. Through this, the learning can be made interactive, easy to learn and remember for a long term. (Son & Jung, 2015)

Learning Objectives

The learning should be divided into different stages for knowing whether the students are able to learn and understand the things. For example, there should be taken periodic test for test whether the students are getting what exactly you are teaching to the students. Apart from it, there can be conduct competitions and debates to make the students command over a particular subject. Materials Yes, the materials do help a lot for the disabled students in the learning and overall development of personality. The teaching material that is available on the offline platform is really very much helpful for the disabled students to study and learn even after the class is over. With the assistance of guest speakers the disabled students can be made to learn with the skills to represent the class and make them learn through short films, advertisement, posters and other relevant things which can make the learning disabled students learn. 

Classroom Arrangement and Grouping

The arrangement of the classroom also plays a major role in learning. There should be positive thoughts written on the classroom walls. The students facing the disability should be given the priority to seat on the front benches so that they can focus more on learning. While in the group formation at the time of any activity, the disabled students should be divided into distinct groups with the normal students so that they can also learn and develop their skills with the interaction through normal students and teachers. (Graham, 1990)

Instructional Approach

The accommodations and modifications needs to made for the students who are facing disability as they need extra space and extra care at the time of movement. The core concepts should be made understand and clarified through the aid of technology, classroom teaching methods, in the form of discussions, test and other things. Apart from the daily classes, there should be motivational classes too for motivating the students to do the study and daily work with full focus, sincerity and dedication. There should also be interaction with the dynamic personalities of students from distinct profession. It will give an opportunity for the students to know what they have to do after getting pass from the schools. (Crichton & Kinash, 2013).


The student with the disability to lean in English language should be given the choice to solve and submit the assessment in other language too in which they feel comfortable. Apart from it, the
instructional practice delivered by teacher should also be given in other language other than English for the English language learner disabled students. (Baum & Owen,1988)


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