Report on Should Photography be considered as a Career Profession?

Report on Should Photography be considered as a Career Profession?


Memories last forever but photography doesn’t. Photography is a career option for many people across the globe. However, it is losing its freshness which is carried in the old days when having a camera was speculated as a huge thing for many people. Photography is a creative field and in today’s generation when every other person is carrying a smartphone and every tenth person is carrying an iPhone, taking pictures and storing them is not a big task anymore. Photography as a career has lost its charm now, people who start this as a profession have to start with very low prices to attract the customer but regardless of how cheap rates they offer to clients, within a few months, they get out of the market automatically as sustainability is a big issue. 

Modern technology is a barrier 

Photography is a profession that is dying day by day as people are more inclined toward taking selfies and family pictures on their smartphones only. The modern-day trend is clicking selfies and posting pictures on social media pages. Hardly people require a photographer unless and until it is a wedding or some family function. In the photography profession, the experiences are also dying as people are more inclined towards taking the picture of their food instead of eating it from their iPhones, visitors are more interested in clicking the picture of Monalisa painting than experiencing it from their eyes. One of the greatest transformations that have been created about by the innovation of the smartphone, is the capability to suddenly increase access to a picture every single time. Another major advancement in photography since the creation of the smartphone is the capability to share these photos with a large group of people instantly. Years ago, individuals had photo books where they used to keep their valuable recollections. These books were only carried out for different instances and usually were not shared with casual friends. But now it is the opposite, photos are shared with anyone who gives them a like (Maillot, 2019)).
The skilled photography sphere has been slightly disrupted by the smartphone. Wedding photographers grumble about the people who destroy professional photos with their nonprofessional cell phone snapshots. Filters may affect some people to believe their photos look professional. Also, cell phone cameras are turning out to be more and more powerful with the growing technology. Moreover, apps like Adobe lightroom have established the capability to considerably improve the graphic application of a cell phone photo at no extra cost.
Smartphones have influenced our opinion about photography in significant ways. There was a period when we could have never dreamed of lugging a potent camera around in our pockets. Further, we could not have thought copy editing photos in the palm of our hands and immediately revealing them to our friends would be such an easy task and also too without incurring any additional expenses. Technology has done amazing things for the world of photography, that is with not a question a fact to consider. 

Photography is all about creativity 

Out of all people, there is a segment of individuals who keep photography as a hobby. Everyone cannot make a career out of their hobby. Creativity grows naturally, it cannot be learned through any online course. There are so many methods to take a photo. Yet holding a photograph in the right manner, with the right devices, at the right time is what creates the end consequence being so better. Actual photography needs no filter, equipment, or to take a photograph an exquisite. An extraordinary result rests exclusively on the artistic essence of the photographer. Every customer needs the best, so anybody who is not a specialist or remarkable at what they do will be ruled out of the market (Crawford & DeLaney, 2017)
Photography involves instinctive imagination and a common sense of how to represent the subject in the best way feasible. A photograph is not just about the correct light, articulation, or viewpoint. Any person who does not have a creative instinct can’t build that sense even with years of instruction. Telling a tale without words, awe-motivating the audience, and securing a minute in a distinct light are all feasible through a photograph. However, there is a debate among experts that photography is a technical concept which requires right angles, focus, lenses, contrast, and camera setting whereas in reality more important is to control a camera and a great eye. Hence its quite evident from these facts that every second person who has a hobby of photography cannot pursue it as a career in future as it requires a great sense of creativity to succeed in this industry (Ploderer & Leong, 2018).). 

Luxury still prevails

There will always be a magnificence high-end market for Bentley cars, Rolls-Royce, Rolex, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Leica etc. There is a scope of photography in the luxury segment where big weddings, award functions, and big corporate seminars are clicked by professional photographers. In that segment the price for hiring a photographer is huge so the people who are mediocre and their target audience are not the wealthy cannot sustain in the photography industry. It may be possible that mediocre photographers are skilled and creative too but if they don’t have the proper target audience then they cannot grow in this profession. 


From the above analysis, the conclusion has been made that photography is not a good career choice for the youth. However, there are still making money from this profession, but the fact is there is no growth in this profession unless the target audience comprises the luxury segment of the society. In that segment, there is huge money but the middle-class society is not much fascinated by this profession and they don’t want to waste money by hiring a photographer unless there is some dire need to click pictures through a professional photographer. There is still a scope of photographers who are required for destination or wildlife photography which is a good scope to earn money from this profession.