Report on Systems Diagnosis

Report on Systems Diagnosis

The purpose of the paper is to look into the adaptive challenge that is being faced by an organization and how it is affecting the different situations and people associated with the organization. The organization is Miami Dade County Public School District. The teachers faced numerous problems in teaching the students through an online portal during the fourth quarter of the 2019 - 2020 school year because of the COVID – 19 pandemic. The students and the teachers were facing adaptive challenges to cope up with the new system. A few challenges will be faced by the teachers and students in the re-launching of the schools including several requirements like CDC, sanitization, etc. 

Overview of the System
The Miami Dade County Public School District is an organization that is facing several challenges as well as adaptive challenges because the teachers and the students had to shift the physical classes to online teaching methods without any prior training. The teachers as well as the students are facing challenges every day to cope with this system (Doyle, 2017). The re-launching of the schools will take place in August and problems will take place as everybody will have to understand the CBC system. Sanitization and different precautions will have to be taken in this context. The teachers in the school conducted physical classes before the pandemic and the process has completely changed in the online sessions. The students had to pay attention to the teachers in the classroom (Doyle, 2017). The learning is more practical in the physical classes. The teacher could engage the students in a great way. In the COVID – 19 pandemics online teaching includes theories in the learning. It is hard for the students to get engaged in the study as well as pay complete attention to the teacher. But due to online teaching, everyone is staying safe in the pandemic as well as education is being conducted without any break (Dobbs et al., 2017). An overview of the system helps us to understand how the elements are functioning in the given scenario and the given scenario is the problems and adaptive challenges that are being faced by The Miami Dade County Public School District.

Define the Adaptive Challenge
The adaptive challenge that is being addressed in this paper is the challenge that is being faced by The Miami Dade County Public School District. An adaptive challenge can be described as a situation or a problem that cannot be easily solved (Dobbs et al., 2017). An adaptive challenge creates a problem that takes much time and shifts culturally and politically as well. The people who are facing an adaptive challenge will result in changing their day-to-day lives, planning, and strategies for it. The adaptive challenges are extremely complex in nature and the conclusion or solutions for the problem are not definite. The course of understanding and teaching is changed in the Miami Dade County Public School District which has resulted in the adaptive challenge for the students and the teachers (Nelson & Squires, 2017). The physical teaching classes were generally conducted in the schools. The physical classes could engage the students as well as it could incorporate many practical ideas into the learning which would increase the ideas of the students. Superintendent Robert Runcie of Broward County Schools has suggested 100% online classes in case the pandemic situation due to COVID-19 does not improve. Superintendent Alberto Carvalho of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools stated that until the Phase 2 reopening plan, schools cannot reopen in the county (MARCHANTE, 2020). The adaptive nature of the challenge remains in the notion that during Phase 2 as well online learning will be offered as an alternative form of learning besides face-to-face learning.
The teachers and the students were not prepared for this drastic change in the course of education. A lot of problems were faced by the students and the teachers to cope with the online method of teaching (Nelson & Squires, 2017). The schools will be re-launching in August and the people will again face several adaptive challenges. The CBC system will be maintained throughout the organizations. Sanitization will be a must and everybody will not be allowed to be in any physical contact. Protection like suits and masks will be necessary for going to school. This will be a challenge because the students and the teachers were not adapted to this system. This is an adaptive challenge, not a technical challenge (Galliart, 2018). It can be seen that adaptive and technical challenges are easily misinterpreted. Technical challenges are identified with ease; quick solutions are made out etc. But in adaptive challenges, the identification is tough as well as the solutions are not created easily. The executive council of the American Federation of Teachers approved the virtual convention too, which led to the issues such as an inability to conduct in-person meetings and business of the affiliates being hampered as the records remained locked in the schools ("CONVENTION RESOLUTION AND COMPLIANCE TIMELINE ADJUSTMENTS", 2020).

Determine the Political Landscape
The political landscape of the situation is extremely necessary to look into. The Miami Dade County Public School District is an organization that is facing adaptive challenges (Fiscus et al., 2018). Due to the pandemic situation of COVID – 19 schools were shut down and online teaching was regulated. The cases at this present time are more than 64,000 thousand in Miami. The virus happens to be deadly and that is why quick measures were taken and the schools were immediately shut down for avoiding the further spread of the virus. The teachers and the students were not aware of this situation and thus no training or seminars took place. Adaptive challenges were faced by the teachers as well as the students in the pandemic situation (Galliart, 2018). The cases in Miami are stable now and people are starting to recover, which is why the school is re-launching the physical classes in August. Proper measures will be taken for the teachers as well as the students. The CDC system will be followed. The students and teachers will follow different protocols to avoid physical contact. Sanitization, and wearing masks, and suits will be regulated for everybody’s safety. The landscape of the organization has been understood and the actions will influence many conditions, but proper measures are taken to avoid negative results (Ackerman et al., 2018). Online education has many advantages. The students and the staff, including the teacher, are staying safe because the rates of infected people are increasing day-to-day. Online education provides a safe space for students to learn and also be aware of the situation they are facing. They might not get the practical feeling, but in this pandemic situation, it is the only way to continue education without hampering health. When the schools will reopen, the situation will be harder for the children because all the systems will change in the school (MARCHANTE, 2020). A great political landscape can be noticed in the scenario regarding The Miami Dade County Public School District. Not only this organization, all the organizations, and schools that are being affected by the same problem, especially the schools that are located nearby are experiencing the same problem. 

Conclusion & Implications for Practice
The purpose of this paper is to look into the adaptive challenge faced by the organization, the meaning and nature of the challenge, the reason for the challenge, and how it is influencing lives. The organization which is selected is The Miami Dade County Public School District. The teacher and the student’s method of teaching and learning have changed drastically due to the pandemic of COVID – 19. The teachers and students have shifted to online teaching and after re-launching the schools in august they will be again transferred to physical classes. But in the physical classes, the teachers and the students have to abide by the rules of the CDC system, maintain sanitization, and avoid physical contact. All of these have proven to be adaptive challenges. Various implementation strategies can be addressed to face the adaptive challenge faced by The Miami Dade County Public School District. The main implementation strategy of this adaptive challenge would be defining adaptive and efficient leadership. Challenges need to be understood and then worked upon. These types of adaptive challenges have to be understood and then taken various actions to identify the solution. The day-to-day strategy included with day-to-day life has to be changed to sustain, here proper measures have to be taken before re-launching the schools to sustain the adaptive challenge. There are a few recommendations that are to be noticed in this course of learning. As online teaching is being regulated at a great scale, so even without any prior training the teachers will have to increase the quality and engage students, and the students will also have to cooperate. When the schools will re-launch in August, the students and the teachers will have to be accustomed to the CDC system, physical distancing and sanitization as well. The teachers of the schools should engage the students to listen to their topics through online media as well. As the teachers will engage with the interests and disinterests of the students, they will feel more supported and the whole process will be easy to execute ("CONVENTION RESOLUTION AND COMPLIANCE TIMELINE ADJUSTMENTS", 2020). Ongoing feedback should be taken from the students as well as their parents to see how they are going through the pandemic. Mental health is very important in this scenario, so if the students need the teachers should be available to help them. When the physical classes will re-launch in August, certain protocols have to be maintained. The CDC system should be strictly followed; physical contact should not be made. Proper sanitization should be maintained and precautions like gloves and masks should also be available.