Report Writing - Reflective Journal

Report Writing - Reflective Journal


The courses taught in the classroom were all indistinguishably important as well as interesting, but among all those, I found “Freedom of speech” and “World War I” more exciting to me. We talk of them almost all the time knowingly or unknowingly and I wanted to explore those areas even more. Freedom of speech is a very crucial right to express views without being penalized, but there are many countries in the world that do not have this basic right for the citizens. World War I often referred to as “The Great War” began in 1914. There are aspects of the war that people are not aware of. Therefore, it quite interests me to know about it as well as reflect on the various underlined teachings that it has to provide to its readers.

Content Area Reflection

I always had a preconceived notion that Freedom of Speech gives liberty to do almost anything and everything a person wishes to. However there are certain limitations to which one should always abide by and respect moral values of others. On the other hand, I always believed that World War I was all about fights between the soldiers of various countries. However I was unaware of the great deeds and contribution of the women warriors who also had their own parts to play. Besides guns and artillery, the countries deployed chemical weapons such as phosgene and mustard gas. This led to a devastating situation for the soldiers as well as the civilians during the war. The best part about the Freedom of Speech is that it never suppresses the citizens in a democracy, rather it gives the right to communicate freely within the society or country. Everybody is allowed to put up their views on certain issues and find out the best possible solution for it. Although there are not many thing to like about World War I, but the only fact that draws my attention to this era is the encouragement that women received to take part in the war and make memorable sacrifices for the country.

Freedom of Speech plays an important role for every citizen of the country. However, it is often observed that the people of the country misuse their rights and criticize the government or any individual with no justified reasons to it. Emotional people tend to threaten others if they don’t like their idea of expression and commit violence. World War I, on the other hand took so many lives, lasting for four years. After the end of WWI, there were around 20 million deaths which account for 10 million civilians and 9.7 million soldiers and leaving behind 21 million wounded. Freedom of speech has a history that dates back to 1791 when the right was added to First Amendment. It is also believed that freedom of speech has emerged around the late 5 th or 6 the century BC. It is very difficult to remember each and every date during the evolution of freedom of speech. On the contrary, WWI does not include just one single battle. A conglomeration of even the smallest of them which originated at various places were a part of the Great War. Remembering the names and places of origin of these small insignificant battles often hinders the learning process. These are the few aspects of the two areas that draws least attention. Freedom of Speech is the right to express one’s opinions, but with limitations. An individual is not allowed to articulate his or her opinion by conflicting the moral values of others by any means. The right does not protect all types of speech under its amendment such as convincing someone to commit crime or create violence in the society. On the other hand, World War I took place due to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. It lasted for four long years starting from 1914. Also, during the Great War, the world’s first deadliest Spanish flu was spread which led to a pandemic situation in the world taking lives of an estimated 50 million people.

Overall Reflection

During the course, I learned a lot new things about freedom of speech. Also, fake news not only spread through social or digital media, but it is also spread through conventional media. I gained many new insights regarding the Great War. WWI was also referred as the world’s first modern war. Many advanced technologies were used during the war such as machine guns, aerial combat, radio communication. I have also changed insights regarding the freedom of speech and its limitations.


This essay gave me clear view on the chosen content. It gave me an opportunity to list down all my learning and confusion regarding freedom of speech and the World War I.