Report Writing Task on Digital Innovation

Report Writing Task on Digital Innovation

A blog post outlining the innovation


The concept of digital innovation, which would be focused on the blog, is the Internet of things. The Internet of things is known to as the internet of object, which in recent times has the capability to change everything. This statement is mainly made due to the reason that internet in recent times has already explored varied field which mainly includes communication, business, humanity and government. Undoubtedly, the internet is one of the concepts, which is commanding creation in the history of human beings. Following the footsteps of internet the concept of internet of things can be employed which is next revolution of internet working. The main huge leap which mainly seen is the concept of gathering of data, analysing the data and distributing the data which the user can turn into knowledge, material and utility Knowledge. In this context of oration, which is followed by the internet of things, it has become immensely important. There are various forms of projects, which are linked to the concept of The Internet of things which are being deployed in recent times. The main closure of barrier, which can be noted in these projects, is linked to the closing of the gap. The opening created among the rich and the poor improves the distribution of many forms of data and other resources, which would be serving the user a lot and most importantly understanding our planet so we can be less reactive and more proactive. On the other hand, it can be stated that there are various barriers, which are enforced in the area of development of the concept of internet of things which mainly includes the transition of IPv6 which has a common set of protocols and sources of energy development even for billions of minute sensors. However in the growth area relating to government bodies, business and other standard bodies including the standard of education are working in close proximity in order to resolve the various problem which is related to the notion of The Internet of things.


Like any other expertise the root of the Internet of things can be traced back to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) form the work of the Auto-ID Center. In the year 1999 this group was operational in the field of schmoozed radio frequency identification (RFID) and emergent sensing technology. Before the discussion of the concept of internet of things is considered the definition of the internet of things is very much important. As stated form the end of the Cisco Internet Business Solution Group (IBSG) The Internet of things can be considered as a point in which more stuffs or objects would be associated to the internet either than the people. In the year 2003, there were approx. 6.3 billion people who were living and 500 million objects were connected to the concept of internet. By means of calculation, it can be seen that the number of devices, which are connected by the world population, less than one (0.88) devices are connected for each person. Based on the Cisco IBSG’s definition internet of things didn’t exist in 2003 due to the reason that number of linked devices was relatively small given that the ubiquitous campaigns such as smartphones were just being introduced at that time period. For example it can be noted that Steve Jobs who is the CEO of Apple did not disclose the iPhone until 2007, January 9 at the meeting which was held at the MacWorld. The growth, which was seen in the sector of smartphone, PC and tablet, conveyed the number of conceding strategies with the internet to 12.5 billion in the year 2010. While the world's human population increased to 6.8 million in the year 2010 creating the number of associated devices more than 1 person (1.84 to be precise) for the first time in the history of the internet. This was one of the most important factors which can be linked to the proper working with the concept of internet. The linking of the various objects to the internet helps the user to be more interactive with the works which are performed form their end on a daily basis. 


The main sector of advantage which was seen in the concept of the internet was the transfer of the data from one location or one object to another object. This helped the various objects to communicate with each other in a correct method without any forms of intruder activity seen in between the communication area. In most the cases it can be seen that in any data transfer the intruder activity is one of the most common factors of issue which usually prevails. Hence in this area the concept of internet linking with the concept of internet of things played a very important role in the management of the various devices linking to the data which is transferred to be managed in a proper manner. Communication between the various objects in the concept of internet of things is mainly done with the help of the transfer of data from one object to another. This is one of the media of communication, which prevails between the various objects, and this makes a proper working orientation, which helps in taking advantage of the concept of internet in a positive manner. In the working of the internet of things, nothing can be considered static specially when it originates to the concept of internet. Creativities and advantage such as Cisco Planetary Skin and other peripherals are few of the areas which can be focused in the concept, which makes the internet of things more attractive of the user, and they can gain advantage in the various working parameter which can make their life way better and better orientated.


Currently, Internet is things can be stated to be made up of loose connection of build up network, which helps in the factor of communication. Today’s car for example have multiple networks in order to control the various functions of the engine, features of safety and communication system and many more. Residential and commercial building also have one forms of control system for example the air conditioning, venting, heating and telephone service. As the evolution of internet of things took places these all devices were connected to the network of network which helped them to directly communicate with each other. This communication is important due to the reason that it helps in the proper execution of their activity which would be helping in various forms mainly in the concept of security, management capability and working parameters. This all concept made the internet of things more advanced which can help in the management of the various services in an proper manner without any forms of complexity and safety issues. Interestingly it can be noted that the situation mirror what the manufacturing faced in the early days of networking was very much important. In the late 1990s and 1980s Cisco for specimen had established itself by means of bring disparate network protocols together by means of multi protocol routing ultimately leading to IP as the mutual network standard which would be used in the concept of internet of things. Hence, it can be stated that with the internet of things the history itself is repeating in an more grander scale.


Internet in recent times has seen an steady area of development relating to imporvemet sector. one of the main areas in which improvement is majorly seen is linked to security of the data which is communicated between the various objects. Hence in any forms if there are any burglar activity seen in the concept it can directly hamper the process of management of the data in an proper manner deprived of any forms of complexity. Relating to the concept of internet it can be seen that internet of things has become immensity important due to the first real evolution of the internet. A leap that will be very much important in the controlling of the various factor of communication, which is prevailing between the various devices in a proper manner. In most of the working condition it can be seen that there are various sector of engagement which can be done linked to the factor of Internet of things and its deployment. One of the most advantage area which can be stated in the context is linked to the driverless Car. The concept of driverless car is one of the most important sectors, which should be focused in the domain of working, and it should be focused that there is proper communication between the various devices which are connected with each other. Hence, driverless car is one of the most important sector which is linked to the factor of implementation of the internet of things which is playing an active role in recent times. Hence, in the near future it can be seen that the concept would be evolving more and would be exploiting more sector of working opportunity. Smart TV and smart switching system are another important factors, which is playing an important role in the concept of internet of things. The internet of things is an concept which is very much complex but in most of the situation the communication factor is very much important which helps in the transfer of the data.

Embedded digital media content illustrating the innovation

There are various forms of digital media content which help in the increase of the innovative technology which is focused which is the internet of things. In most of the situation it can be stated that there are various forms of innovative trends which are involved in the working of the technology which is playing an active role in recent times. In most of the situation it can be considered that the engagement factor which is linked to nay forms of technology would be beneficial if the focus point of the point is towards the technology. In the factor of making the people aware of the various trend, which are followed, in the technological aspect the digital media is playing an very important role. In most of the situation it can be considered that if there are any forms of technical innovation the digital media plays an active role in the context. The main working of the digital content relating to internet of things is linked to informing people of the various forms of trend, which are followed in the daily life. Enfacement factor are very much important in the context. Illustration of the technology is very much beneficial in the sector of proper engagement factor form the end of the people so that they can use it in a proper manner. moreover it can be considered here that more the focus is put on the concept of technology and its understand which is portrayed form the end of the media would be very much beneficial for the future trend in the working of the technology. More people engage in the technology more would be success factor which would be linked with the deployment and the development of the technology. The role of digital media content in the factor of analysing the concept of the technology is very much important which is mainly due to the reason that there are various factor of engagement which can be seen form the end of the technology. Proper working dimensions have to maintained in each of the situations that there are no issue or complex situation in the technology. Proper management skill linked to the internet of things is very much important which is due to the reason that it is complexly based on the concept of internet and in most of the situation people tend to move away form the technology due to the complexity which is seen in the working. In most of the situation, the social media content plays an very important role in the simplification of the technology and the working parameters which are included into it. Hence skill orientation is very much important in this sector so that proper utilisation of the technology can be made from the end of the people. Smart television and other equipment, which is linked to the concept of internet of things, are widely accepted among people due to the factor that they tend to make a move towards the implementation of the technology.

The factor of skill orientation is very much important when it come with working with the internet of things. In most of the cases the technology helps in delivering standard solution to various problem in an proper manner which impact the life of the people in an positive manner deprived of any forms of involvedness. The target audience in most of the innovative sector is focused on the people who wants to take advantage of the technology in making their working way simpler. Hence, the management skill of the people is very much important in most of the situation. People should be willing to get engaged in the sector of working of the technology and moreover it helps in the skill orientation of the people in most of the cases. The driving forces of the technology is another important factor which should be focused in the working parameter which is mainly due to the reason that there are variety of difficult task which can be easily be accomplished with the deployment of the right technology. In daily life schedule it can be stated that internet of things is one of the most active sector which should be focused which is making the life of the people very to simple.

Rationale containing a link to the blog

Internet of things is one of the most popular innovative technology, which is being used in recent times. In most of the situation it can be noticed that technological advancement are made for the betterment of life. Internet of things in recent times is one of those technology which is making thee life of the common people more easily and less hectic. In order to take total advantage of the concept of technology it should be focused that people know how to use the technology and have an clear idea of what are the technological areas which can be focused. The network of network technology, which is implemented using the concept of internet of things, is one of the most complex technology which is present in recent times. On the other hand it can be stated that the advantage which is achieved form the concept is vast which is directly beneficial in the management of the various activity of life in an proper manner. one of the main delinquent which is understood in the concept of internet of things is related to the factor of data which is being transferred and the security which is prevailing in the concept.
The processing of the data is very much important in this context due to the reason that in most of the situation the interaction which is would be prevailing between the internet of things object and the internet would be done with the help of the data which is being transferred form one location to another. Hence, if there are any forms of interloper action seen in the concept it would be directly impacting the success which is engaged in the working of the technology and its advantage area. Networking is one of the concept which is used in this area which in most of the situation helps in making things less complicated relating to the area of interaction which is prevailing between them. The mode of interaction in the concept of Driverless car which is one of the advanced technology, which is implemented using the concept of the internet of things, is very much important. This is mainly due to the reason that the car would be interacting with the surrounding with the help of sensors, which is one of the integral part of the networking concept. Networking can be applied to any field of internet of things at any given time. Research is being done onto how different objects can communicate with each other in an proper manner without any forms of intruder activity prevailing in the idea. At the end of the discussion, it can be stated that Internet of things is one of the technology which is playing an very important role which can be useful in the success implementation and management of the various activity in the daily life. Moreover it can be considered that if proper research is focused in the field other field of technology can also be implemented in the sector which would be helping in the serving of the purpose of the technology in an proper manner. there are many organisation which are playing an active role in the management of the various skill ordinated which can be implemented using the concept of internet of things and it can be stated that in the near future many more technologic area can be implemented which would be helping in the management of the technology in an appropriate style. The processing of the data is another area of focus which should be given in the concept of internet due to the reason that if there are any methods of problem seen in the context of interaction. The data there would be a total loss of working orientation which would be achieved in the sector and the technological area of working with the internet of things would be disrupted. Management orientation in Internet of things technology is very much important which would be helping in the serving of the purpose of the innovation of the technology.



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