Report Writing Task on Leadership Case

Report Writing Task on Leadership Case


A business grows only when the company and its product consider the moral and ethical issues of the customers.  This helps the customer to increase their trust in the company. Smartphone use has been increasing tremendously; hence the rate of accidents is also increasing (Cox et al., 2017).


As the leader of the industry in smartphones, he can encourage safer use of smartphones by asking the government to make laws that can aware of the safety of the people who are using their phones while driving. The use of the phone while driving is especially a matter of individual own concern but individuals forget safety for themselves. Hence, being a leader the release of laws along with the video and ads related to the safety of using smartphones while driving can help to encourage and aware people of the use.
Being a negative perspective on the use of the Smartphone, Derek should not be released from his position. The negative perspective of the Derek will help the company to think more about the safety of the users and will also allow face fewer challenges if the company need to face any questions in the future related to use of the smartphones while driving (Pal et al., 2017).
Derek is showing his moral and ethical analysis of social responsibility by showing his concern about the increasing number of accidents due to the use of smartphones while driving. He analyzed that the rate of an accident due to smartphones has increased after the availability of texting through smartphones. He showed his concern for the customers which is harming the customer and might harm the company in the future. To lower the rate of accident company and the government both need to encourage the safety of the people (Kim, Min, Kim & Min, 2017).
The opinions of Olivia and Raphael have been that the use of the Smartphone has made the world think about who benefits and essay it is to work with the touch of a few buttons. The use of smartphones had made accessibility for collecting data and information within a very short time. Dependency on the use and pay for the landline phone has also been reduced. Many of the company has stopped their in-store sales rather than preferring to have a better deal over the internet which is accessible easily on their in their Smartphone.
With the use of the "pause button" the leader and managers can practice retaining their minds to face the challenges due to ethical culture in the business. The practice will help to consistently follow the values of the own mind to overcome the fear, this helps to face the challenges when it comes (Kitchin et al., 2016).

It can be concluded from the above discussion, that as a leader or manager it is obvious to face challenges related to ethical issues. To over the challenges practices or preparation in one own mind provides the courage to face the challenges in better ways.