Use TQM To Improve Personal Life

Use TQM To Improve Personal Life

The concepts of total quality management (TQM) are not only applied to development of products and services, but also to personal life. I applied the concepts of total quality in my relations with others, my daily activities - being a student, being a volunteer (outside work),  being an HR employee (previous), and so on. Esaki (2018) underlined that the quality of person plays a key role in the success of the person and no any person can achieve its purposes without total quality management (TQM), which is crucial for personal management (Esaki, 2018). A person with specific purposes is similar to a type of system and/or one of the small elements of an organization, therefore, the concept of TQM can also be used for personal management.

In order to ensure total quality management in my relations with others and in my daily activities, I prepared a personal checklist, which enabled me to take into account the environmental surrounding of the person I dealt with. Considering environmental surrounding of a person specifically helped me greatly when I worked as an HR employee. Secondly, in dealing with others, I considered that everybody wants to be happy and satisfied and I ensured that my behaviour and activities make them happy and satisfied. TQM is known for improving the management quality of an organization, but it can be also used to improve personal management quality.

I used this concept to improve my personal qualities and reduce unwanted qualities, such as poor communication, being introvert, being selfish and so on. I became more open minded and helpful and it helped me in winning people.


Esaki, K. (2018). Application of New TQM Techniques to Personal Life. Fibrom Open Access 3 , 127.