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Most of us get overwhelmed when we get to hear the word ‘essay’. I wasn’t, as I knew that professionals like these are always around us to make our lives easier. Along with helping choose a topic, they also drafted the outline and came up with a nice essay within a very short notice.





The awesome writers from The Essay Assignment Help helped me a lot in 111 as well as essay topic writing for my PHD project. Even if they charge you, the price is worth the quality they offer. Good job guys. Thanks a lot for great help!





The awesome writers from The Essay Assignment Help helped me a lot in 111 as well as essay topic writing for my PHD project. Even if they charge you, the price is worth the quality they offer. Good job guys. Thanks a lot for great help!

Essay Topic Selection

Essay Topic Selection

Do you have to select the topic for the essay? Do not know which one is trending and which can help you score excellent grades? You can seek the help of our experts. Our team of writers will assist you in the Essay Topic Selection. The topic has excellent scope to research and write. We also write the essay flawlessly by following the university guidelines thoroughly. If you have to submit the topic to the professor for approval the next week, you no more have to get panic by having us with you. We help students in finding the best essay topic at school, college, and university level. Be it you have to write an overview of the subject or do the analysis; our writers are always there to help you. We believe that every essay has a story to tell. We make sure to present the essay logically and in sequential order without any additional content.

Though students are given the freedom to choose the topic, it is also sometimes not easier. Many students complain when the professor assigns them a topic. When it comes to choosing the topic by them, it is even more challenging. If there is no guidance, you end up picking a topic; you cannot yet write a paragraph.
Here are a few things that can help you choose the best essay topic

Persuasive essay

In this type of essay, the student must argue or give their opinion about a topic. If you are choosing a topic to write this type of essay, you must ensure to keep these points in mind:

Choose a topic on which you can give your opinion.

You cannot argue strongly on a topic that is not your cup of tea. If you want to discuss the legalization of some drugs, you have a lot to say and put your points.

Pick the issue on which you can talk on both sides.

When you are writing an essay, you must see it from different perspectives so that you will have sharp points when you are taking sides.

Write the essay to convince.

If you are talking in favor of legalizing a drug, you should argue your points by putting forth the evidence and facts. The points you are going to discuss must convince the reader that the legalization of that drug should be done.

Explanatory essay

In this type of essay, you will learn why something must be done. When choosing a topic to write this type of essay, you must make sure to do the following:

Choose the topic of your interest

If you are choosing a concept, you must be able to explain from the start to end on its working part.
Be specific

You must choose a topic like building a car. The process is complicated and takes a lot of time. If you have to finish the essay within a specific word limit, you must choose the essay topic that is simple such as how to bake a cake. It is exciting and is not so long. It takes just a few hours for you to write my essay.

Collect the required material

You must gather the required information to support the topic you are going to write in the essay with pictures and quotes.

Comparison essay

When you are writing this type of essay, you must discuss the differences and similarities between two products, books, people, or concepts. When you are writing this essay, make sure to follow these points:
Choose the topic that allows you to explain differences and similarities

When choosing the topic, ensure that the topic enables you to explain the differences between people or any other concept.

Do not combine people and places.

You must choose a simple topic rather than aboard one. You can want to explain the difference between people, places, or ideas by giving interesting comparisons that convince the readers to go through the essay.

Find interesting comparisons

Not one would be ready to read an essay on a boring topic. You must discuss something interesting about the places and what is the difference between them and what is culture and places you can visit in both these locations. The topic you are going to discuss must be attractive.

Narrative essay

It is a personal essay that helps you to weave a story. When you are choosing a topic, you must make you follow these points:

Choose the transformative event

You must choose an event where you evolve, like changing your first flat tire. You can let the readers know how you grew from a naïve person to a mature one.

Use dialogues

You must choose an event with many people and places where you can include passages and dialogues to make it enjoyable.

How our writers deliver a quality essay

It is not a simple task to write an essay. There is a lot of research to be done and time to be invested. Our writers have a pool of experience in writing the essay on various topics that are trending. We have professional essay writers who helped many students to score good grades in the exam.


Our writers will come up with the draft outline. They start to make points under the headings you have prepared in the outline and later organize them logically. The outline is the foundation to write the best essay without getting deviated from the topic. You must complete the essay within the given timeline.

Thesis statement

The impactful thesis statement will help you score good grades. You must discuss critical points and arguments in the essay. The thesis statement gives a clear cut idea to the readers about what you are going to discuss in the whole paper.


Our writers are well-versed in writing an exciting and compelling introduction. They may start with a quote, an example, or a real-time incident to create interest in the readers. They also use a thought-provoking question to convince the readers to read the entire write-up.


We use various ideas. Each paragraph will have a fresh perspective, but one paragraph is connected with the other one with strong arguments. There are three paragraphs maintained in the essay. The examples our essay writing experts use are credible.


We research, write, and draft the essay and write a small conclusion that gives the final perspective related to the topic to the readers. The summary must be concise.

If you want to score flying grades, you can seek our expert's help to do my essay.