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I was loaded with a lot of other things and a lot of proofreading things were pending from my end. I had to submit them really fast, I decided to hire someone externally who could do it. Well, these people turned out to be masters of proofreading. They were meticulous and also extremely quick.


kurk George



I am a good writer, but when it comes to proofreading, I mostly fail. The problem is that, you can't submit your assignements in your university, if it is not proofread. Thus, I took help from The Essay Assignment Help to write as well as proofread my academic articles. All thanks to them, I got good grades in my internal assesment.


kurk George



I am a good writer, but when it comes to proofreading, I mostly fail. The problem is that, you can't submit your assignements in your university, if it is not proofread. Thus, I took help from The Essay Assignment Help to write as well as proofread my academic articles. All thanks to them, I got good grades in my internal assesment.

Proofreading services

Proofreading services

Are you done writing the assignment that is given by your professor, but wants someone to proofread the article to find out the possible grammatical errors, punctuations, and spellings? Then, you can seek the help of our Proofreading services. We have the experienced proofreading team who works round the clock to proofread the paper thoroughly twice to detect the issues in the paper. When you see the paper that is proofread, it would be flawless. Sometimes, the paper has informative content, but due to poor language, many students lose valuable grades. You can only get good grades when your paper is free from errors. Though the paper is well-structured and well-researched, when it is full of flaws, it is rejected by the professors and interviewing committee of the college.

Our proofreaders will help you get the flawless paper.

What is proofreading?

When you check the content for flaws and rectify them, it is called proofreading. The proofreaders will look for grammatical, spelling, and sentence formation errors in the academic paper. They are not bothered about the idea, concept, or the plot. The person will carefully examine the paper word by word, sentence, and paragraph to correct punctuations, spellings, and typographical errors. They also check the design aspects of the academic paper, such as headings, page numbering, page breaks, references, and tables placements. The proofreader will do proofreading for all the write-ups such as articles, newsletters, assignments, homework, coursework, case studies, literature, and so on. It consumes a lot of time for the proofreader to proofread the paper. Our team will work for you to submit an exceptional paper that impresses your professors and help you score good grades in the examination.

Our proofreaders know the significance of submitting an error-free paper. We help you polish the paper. We work to fix the punctuations, grammatical errors, spelling errors, sentence structuring, ambiguities, inconsistencies, word choice, tone, and references.

What are the commonly found errors in the academic paper?

We proofread the content based on the requirements of the students. We are offering superior quality proofreading services to the students across the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, and other places globally at affordable prices. No one knows the cost of a small mistake in their application essay or admission essay until the application screening authorities reject the application. It takes a toll on the grade when you get bemused with a minor error between you and yours. Here comes our role as proofreaders. Our sharp eyes will detect all the tiny errors that are otherwise not visible to you

Spelling and grammatical errors

Proofreading is an art, and our professionals have excelled in the art, and they know every minute detail that they have to check in the document. When you use our proofreading services, our experts check every grammatical aspect of the write-up and make sure that it is grammatically perfect. They also do spell check throughout the out and correct the spelling errors.

Style and tone

Students can't get acquainted with the English of that particular country. We have proofreaders who are well-versed with the type of English used in every country. They maintain consistency in the tone and words used in the academic paper.


The academic paper must be written according to the guidelines given by the professor. Students can't keep all the given guidelines in mind while writing the paper. However, our proofreaders will make sure that the format and structure of the academic paper are meeting the guidelines.

What is the job of the proofreader?

The ideas and the way you present the paper make it look unique from others. Proofreading job is not just about discovering the grammatical or sentence errors, but also to check the material from where the idea to write the content was picked. The proofreaders also make sure that the citation to the write-up is done correctly.

Our proofreaders do the following tasks:

Re-write the paper

Plagiarism is a demon and is not encouraged by any university. The professors would disqualify the paper that is plagiarized. Our writers will compose the write-up from scratch, and that is 100% original. Few generic points that can match to the source content. We uniquely re-write the sentences to keep plagiarism at bay.


We search for the material that is required to write the content for the academic paper. Our proofreaders will prepare a list of sources from where the content is gathered to avoid plagiarism. If you take the content of the author and are not acknowledged, it is categorized as plagiarism. Our proofreaders will follow the citation style that is suggested by your professors to prepare the reference list.

Plagiarism report

We also run the paper through plagiarism checks to ensure that it is free from duplicate content. The report is also sent to the student to boost their confidence levels. It assures them that their paper is authentic and original.

What covers in Proofreading Services?

Be it you are writing a book review or an assignment; it is common to have errors. We offer proofreading services to all types of assignments.

Dissertation and thesis

Students who are doing their PG must write the dissertation, assignment, and other academic papers regularly. There is a lot of knowledge required for the student to write the paper without any flaws. It also consumes time. Our writers will work on the assignments and deliver it before the given timeline. After this, our proofreaders will rectify the errors. As part of the proofreading job, we structure the content based on the given format and add citations.


College students are assigned to write the assignments by the professors. Many students feel stressed and anxious. However, our proofreading services will help you eliminate the errors in the paper and revise the assignment multiple times. If you wrote the assignment and want us to proofread, you can send us.

Essay writing

It is not easy to write an essay. You would need good writing and creative skills to present the information beautiful and to the point. We have writers who spend time writing the essay flawlessly. Our proofreaders will check the structure and validate the points in the essay. They also rectify the errors, especially the punctuation and grammatical ones briskly.

If you do not have time to proofread and want an expert to go through the paper, you can seek our help.